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“If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

“To us art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take the risk.”

Mark Rothko & Adolph Gottlieb

“To be normal is the ideal aim of the unsuccessful.”
Carl Jung

“Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings.” … Agnes Martin

“The poetical nature has no self – it is everything and nothing; it has no character. . . . A poet has no identity – he is continually . . . filling some other body.” … John Keats

“As on the stormy sea which extends without limit on all sides, howling mountainous waves rise up and sink and a sailor sits in a row boat, trusting the weak craft, so, in the midst of a world of torments, the solitary man sits peacefully, supported by and trusting in the principium individuationis [principle of individuation]”
Friedrich Nietzsche

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”
Carl Jung

“The ugliest spectacle is that of artists selling themselves. Art as a commodity is an ugly idea… The artist as businessman is uglier than the businessman as artist.”… Ad Reinhardt